Note from the Founder

Hi, I’m Rory and I make things pretty! My day job is as a graphic designer means I get to do creative stuff for my clients all day long. But art for pleasure, for myself, I didn’t get to do a lot of that and my soul started to long to make art with heart!

“Creativity is worship”

If my mentors at MediaLight had a motto, that would probably be it. Participating in the God’s creative Spirit is a fun and unique way to connect with Him, and I wanted to share that with people who didn’t even think they had any artistic ability at all!

So in February 2015, we started doing small cafe workshops and that’s how Googoohit started. We wanted to make art accessible and affordable to frazzled office workers, so we did weeknight art sessions at coffeeshops near the Central business district. We also came out with Delight in the Word, a coloring book based on the Psalms, published by OMFLit.

Within just a year we’ve grown into a friendly community of people who are discovering the creativity inside all of us!

I hope you join us in one of our events soon!

Much love,rory