Building Your Story with Marthy Angue

Our third training session gets us writing the backbone to our comic’s overarching story.
We’ll go into the two main ways of developing your story: Writing a Character-centric vs Event-Centric Story.
We’ll also learn two methods of story construction: Writing scripts and drawing thumbnails.

When: 25 June (Saturday), 1-4:30pm
Where: FIGARO CAFE Liberty Center,
104 H.V. Dela Costa corner HP Leviste Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati

P1,000 – covers Sensei fee + venue + snacks
P800 (20% discount for early registrants)
– email for more details

Bring your own art materials!

This session’s sensei:
Marthy Angue

Marthy Angue is a Writer and designer. He is also the Head Designer and Vice President of the Gunship Revolution creative community. He writes a lot of comic scripts and screenplays.

To see more of Sensei Marthy’s work, visit his website